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Employee Identification Number (EIN)

Do you need an EIN for your LLC or corporation?

Obtain your employer ID number (EIN), or Tax ID from the IRS so you have the ability to protect your personal assets, add employees to your team, and open a company bank account.

Separate your Finances

Open a Business Bank Account

Hire Employees

Why do you need an Employer ID Number (EIN)?

You can think of your Employer Identification Number (EIN) as the social security number for your company.  It is also called a Tax ID and is a 9-digit code given to your corporation by the IRS to identify your business.  It is required to secure an EIN for a corporation, LLC, or partnership to gain financing, open a business bank account, hire new employees, and more.

Without an EIN, you open up increased liability and ultimately put your personal assets at risk since you will be forced to combine your personal and business funds into one.

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Annual Report Filing

Why do you need Annual Reports Filed?

Have your annual report filed efficiently and correctly with the help of Lexline and our advanced technology.

North Dakota requires businesses to file an annual report in order to stay compliant and in good standing.  If you do not file, the state often imposes fees or penalties and could ultimately retract the company’s right to conduct business within the state.

Business Name Search

Benefits of Reserving Your Name

Found the business name you love but not ready to make the final leap?  Reserve your business name with the state for your future LLC or Corporation.

Name Search

Allow Flexibility

Protect Your Name

Naming your new business is one of the most important and fun steps in starting a new company.  If you are not ready to officially form an LLC or corporation, North Dakota allows you to reserve your business name and lock it to ensure another business does not use it. This makes it easy when you’re finally ready to start up your business.

Lexline will assist your business with name checks and filing the reservation in every state!